Minestrone Soup

Soup is one of the foods I love best!

And why not? Soup is simple and versatile. It can encompass many different ingredients or it can be made of a simple few. And there is something comforting and homy about soup simmering on the stove filling the air with beautiful smells, giving rise to the anticipation of something delicious.

Minestrone is a personal favorite because it is never the same soup twice. At least not in my kitchen. I make this soup at least once a season. In part because I enjoy it, and in part because it is an excellent go to recipe for raiding the pantry when you are in a fix, or using up several ingredients at once. And there are no real rules when you make it unless you have a very traditional Italian living with you!

So like I said I do this for the seasons. And in each season there are different additions that make it special for its time. Right now it is summer squash season! (remember I am in the Northwest and we are later than most other places due to cool weather) Squash has just come in within the last two weeks and it is beautiful this year. We have had to wait for everything this season but unlike the last two years the waiting has not been in vain. This year the tastes of everything from raspberries to the mentioned squash are full flavored and juicy like they should be. I am in heaven!

This soup was a simple mix of what I had on hand coupled with the fresh veggies from my new CSA share!




diced tomatoes

red beans


In this case I did roughly a cup of each in that order adding broth after I had sauteed the veggies for a bit to get them started. Don’t let the onions get entirely translucent before you add broth! Then for garnish you see the parsley from my share chopped up and Parmesan, freshly grated. And of course salt and pepper to taste.

A few soup notes here. You can use water instead of broth but you need to season much more to account for taste. Using sea salt can be a positive alternative to table salt and gives rise to a better flavor. And your typical Italian flavors work well here, like basil, oregano, and even rosemary. But don’t just follow my recipe, try your own!

Enjoy Your Food!


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