The Good Salmon Dinner

This is a dinner worth sharing! Time and finances have kept me from being the farmers market hound that I was in previous years. Makes a difference when you are not working at the farm. You do get away from it and then you forget how important it is to eat fresh food. Especially when working hard at a non farm job. Going to the market takes more effort in many ways. And this past weekend was BUSY with market goers! But I digress. I braved the crowd and went vegetable shopping yesterday and I have many things to show for it. Hence the reason I am writing this blog about dinner!

The Menu:

Fresh caught salmon possibly from the Snohomish river. (that was actually delivered here by my housemates good friend Larry who caught it himself)

Potatoes stuffed with cabbage carrots and cheese and twice baked

Cucumber, tomato and walla walla sweet onion salad

From the market:





Carrots (the purple kind!)


This dinner is simple. The potatoes were baked for an hour and then halved and the middles scooped out. Then the cabbage and carrot were sauteed and the potato insides were added to the mix along with some cheese. (just used cheddar, but it would be good with any strong cheese) The potato skins were stuffed with the mix and put back in the oven. The salmon was also baked in the oven with some seasonings, namely peppercorns, bay leaf, garlic cloves, a few onions, and salt. Took about twenty five to thirty minutes to get it all done. The salad was even easier. Chop up the three vegetables and put in a bowl. Then dress with vinegar and oil and salt and pepper to taste.

Gotta run, it is time to eat!


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