Alone at the Mima Mounds


It started to rain today. Not the light sprinkly rain of summer, but the heavy soaking rain that says that fall is on the way. We Western Washingtonians know this sign well. It is the sign that says the sun will be very scarce for the next nine months. We can look forward, as we always can, to rain. And then of course, more rain. Many people who live here love the rain. You learn to embrace it. What else can you do? But it can be a long time between sunny days here and a part of me is not sure I am ready just yet.

Today I found myself in Littlerock, basically that means nowhere, and I had some spare time. So I decided to check out the Mima Mounds. I was alone for most of my time there. It was desolate, wet and gray. And it gave me a sort of haunting and yet adventurous feeling to be out there on the prairie all by myself. I went on the long nature walk through the mounds and contemplated the quick turning of all the leaves and grasses from lush greens to the faded browns, yellows and reds. Is it just me or did the leaves turn faster than usual this year?

On my way back I checked out the informational area, a little dome like covered area set in stone with reader boards on the inside that explained the mounds and a hidden set of stairs leading to the top of the building. In climbing the stairs I found an observation deck on the roof of this cool little building! I was impressed. It was a good idea and a good use of space. Not to mention a cool way to show off the mounds. There were signs indicating that bears had been spotted in the area so I did some serious looking. But alas I did not see any bears. Here is an aerial view of the mounds and the observation deck.

As it turns out the mounds are a big mystery that many a scientist has contemplated and no one knows the answer as to their true origin.  There is some speculation that it may have been created in part by water maybe even flooding water, but so far nothing has been proven for certain. What do you think caused them?

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  1. Lance said:

    Hey Sarah,

    Your pictures and comments are breathtaking. I will make this site one that I visit frequently.

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